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Artem graduated in 2008 from Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering with master degree in mechanical engineering.

Being always a software engineer and mathematician by heart it took 8 years though to transition to the world of software development.

In 2016 Artem started a project where quickly migrated from the product owner role into the team lead and software developer. With extensive educational program in computer science, machine learning and python programming language, in 2019, Artem were able to work independently as a software engineer. In 2020, with a help of his team, he was creating architectures for all software company products and implemented them together with his team.

In 2021, Artem completely converged into Python Software engineer with the passion to modern Python3, concurrency and typing.

Interested in software architectures, data engineering, web applications, ml models, cli tools, dev-ops, ml-ops, ci etc.

He is always learning and applying.

Tech stack

  • Linux OS
  • Containers, VMs, distributed systems, clouds ( docker, kubernetes, openshift, aws, )
  • Software development ( python, web applications, rest apis, open api, microservices, ci, concurrency, )
  • Backend developer ( pytest, asyncio, aiohttp, fastapi, mypy, numpy, pandas, scipy, pytorch, scikit-learn, xgboost, vim, pycharm, )
  • Automation ( ansible, gitlab-ci, github actions, kubernetes, vagrant, bash, )
  • Databases ( nosql, sql, postgres, redis, )

Examples of my work

I contribute to open-source:

My talks


Senior Software Engineer at Redhat

Dates Employed Jul 2021 - present

Working in the Convert2RHEL team. Designing the simple, but specific and reach CI system for developing and running integration tests (libvirt, ansible, testing farm, tmt). Developing new features in the upstream project, code review. Adopting pytest, transition the app to python3, mentoring.

A note from the promotion document:

Artem joined Red Hat during the spring of 2020 as a software developer working on the LEAPP team. Artem’s enthusiasm for Python and pythonic development practices soon led him to adopt an advocacy role on his team. Artem transitioned to the Convert2RHEL team in early 2021, and rapidly became one of the team’s most prolific contributors. He continued to broaden his reach beyond his SST by creating a hardware deprecation database and associated microservice which helps to take the mystery out of hardware support. Artem’s creativity and energy have made him a true asset to his teams.

Software Engineer at Redhat

Dates Employed Apr 2020 - June 2020

I am working in OS & App modernization team (OAMG)

Primary responsibilities are: - Maintaining contributing to OAMG repositories - Developing a data delivery system ( internal framework to distribute various data to its clients ) - Working on convert2rhel utility (new features and the CI)

System Architect | Machine learning engineer | Software team leader at Remak

Dates Employed Jan 2016 – Jan 2020

Building a software platform to support new products and company processes.

Team leadership: - leading the team of 4 developers - specified sprint epics, controlling team progress, reporting to the client - determining backend architecture and technological stack

Software developer: - building async microservices (Python, aiohttp, Docker, openAPI ...) - with the normal pythonic worker - where the worker was a CDLL of .NET assembly and applied different approaches in parallelization - numeric microservices where the main worker was a numpy or pytorch model - Automate the openAPI spec definition with the help of swagger, attrs, marshmallow etc. - unit, integration, and load testing - primary with the pytest - API mocking - integration testing for microservices-based application - documentation and code review - setting up CI pipelines for linting, testing, and building images

DevOps: - Setting up automatic deployment system with the help of Gitlab runners, docker-compose, shell scripting, and Gitlab CI. - Writing Ansible and Vagrant scripts to deploy the app on Kubernetes - Containerization of different applications for the needs of the team ( i.e. special cli version of FreeCAD, the image with pythonnet support on Linux and Mono, Linux with wine integration to run windows assemblies on Linux ) - Building infrastructure automation for development and staging environments - Setting up app monitoring with the help of Gitlab CI, Sentry, and some scripting - Setting up app templating, pre-commit hooks for a team

Machine learning engineer: - applying machine learning to improve user experience. - Particularly speeding up the calculation processes - Supervise learning, mostly with gradient boosting and partly with the combination of neural nets in PyTorch - applying optimization with evolutionary algorithms (SciPy + PyTorch)

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) professional

Dates Employed May 2006 – Aug 2016

I was working in a variety of positions within the HVAC industry - Compact Air Handling Units (AHU) project manager (~ 1 year) - AHU technical support (~1 year) - HVAC designer (~5 years) - Energy modeler for LEED certification (~ 1 year) - Technical supervisor on site (~1 years) - Ventilation systems installer (~1 year)


Stanford University Online

Degree Name Online Education Field Of Study CS229: Machine Learning Grade NA Dates attended or expected graduation 2016 – 2017

I passed through all lecture videos and keynotes, resolved all assignments. Course syllabus:


Degree Name Nano-degree Field Of Study Machine Learning Grade Nano-degree Dates attended or expected graduation 2016 – 2018

Donbass State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Degree Name Master’s Degree Field Of Study Mechanical Engineering (HVAC) Grade M.Sc. in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems Dates attended or expected graduation 2002 – 2008

This is my primary base education. A lot of mathematics, physics, and drawings.


  • Udacity: PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook
  • A vast amount of different courses at Udemy, such as data structures and algorithms, PyTorch Reinforcement learning, etc.


  • Russian - native
  • English - good professional level
  • Czech - good professional level